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Rugby - Eccellenza

Mercoledý in mischia - CVD

26/10 - "Bentornato al Cammi Calvisano, che dopo due anni di volontario purgatorio torna nella massima serie da protagonista." Tre giornate e il mio primo pensiero, nell'articolo di introduzione della stagione, sembra essere...

Sport Americani - Football NFL

Princes of the universe

02/02 - Here We are. Born to be kings. We're the princes of the universe. Here we belong. Born to be kings. Princes of the universe. Fighting and free. Got the world in my...

Basket - NBA

Once upon a time

05/11 - Now, for our non Italian friends (and/or enemies), a Director's cut of the Italian news in the old language formerly known as English. Since this is the first one,...

Olympics - Basket Masc / Men

79 for 8

14/08 - It is not the incredible average of Kobe Bryant in the Olympics but the users that still have a chance to qualify. One defeat doesn't seem to offer any hope unless...

Ciclismo Femm / Cycling Women

Chrono? No, Sprint

13/08 - So, Kierstin Armstrong was an obvious choice, because of her three podiums (in all the positions) in the last World Championships I.T.T., and because of her powerful surname. But it...

Sport Americani - Baseball MLB


13/08 - CWS won their first game while PIT lost. TOR, CLE and HOU cruising to a 2-0 advantage in a four game series. ATL-CHC postponed due to rain. And I still have to choose...

Olympics - Lotta / Wrestling

5 Russian golds

12/08 - The leader in swimming piobowe, who doesn't make too many statements at the bar, but score consistently seem in great form for this Olympics. Gold with Russia in the 55kg Men...

Olympics - Calcio Fem / Football Women

34 for one Gold

12/08 - Mr. Spreadsheet landers79 decided that only the teams with 4 wins are allowed to fight for Gold. Accordingly to his complex calculations the first six need to play Brazil, Norway or...

Olympics - Tiro / Shooting

English domination

11/08 - First medals awarded and the English speaking users seem to dominate the table. Thank you for joining the game, but please don't win too many medals otherwise we will have to...

Olympics - Hockey prato / Field Hockey

Are you still alive?

08/08 - The more games the better. We couldn't do without field hockey where the Kookaburras (one of my favourite animal) will defend their gold medal as hockey celebrates 100 years at the...

Olympics - Canoa / Kajay

A river runs through it

08/08 - And you need to run through all the gates, or paddle continuosly in a straight line as 16 medals are up for grabs in flatwater and slalom events. European paddlers are...

Olympics - Beach Volley Masc / Men


08/08 - Also the men play Beach Volley, though they don't wear the same skimpy outfit as the ladies. For you there is the same equation detailed by sprugola. You will need a...

Olympics - Ginnastica / Gymnastics

Rhytmic is a dancer

08/08 - "U can feel it everywhere, lift ur hand a voice, free ur mind enjoy it, u can feel it in thee air". Snap The Olympics is in the air. And...

Olympics - Badminton / Table tennis

Badminton & table

07/08 - Ibarronda proved all his skills in the sport back in 1992 in Sweden, though he often try to shoot the ball below the net, instead of above. It is apparently not...

Olympics - Vela / Sailing

Sail away

07/08 - with Calandre and AntiTeam. From the windy shores of Liguria to the Naviglio river they know every sailing tricks. 11 Competitions from Windsurf to Dinghy ready to face the Chinese algae invested...

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